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About ADIIOV Recording Studio

ADIIOV is a creative recording studio providing both professional & personal audio recordings to members and non-members. Members are eligible to unlimited studio time with a renewable annual fee while non-members pay per hour. Both parties may purchase our beats separately if needed or bring their own.

ADIIOV Recording Studio Pricing

Membership benefits
- Unlimited studio time
- 20% off beat purchase
- 20% off exclusive beat purchase
- 50% off mastering
- Free overnight B&B

- $45 per hour studio time
- $999 beat purchase
- $1,299 exclusive beat purchase
- $100 mastering
- $30 B&B per night

Membership fee:
$499 per 6 months
$999 annually

What Makes Us Different?
It feels like home, located minutes from Boston Adiiov features a state of the art studio and an outdoor lounge area with a great view of the City.

Sound Engine, the in-house music producer, started his career as a club dj and later transitioned into making his own music.
The multi-talented beat maker brings a unique new sound to the industry using a wide skillset which includes song writing, vocal mixing, sampling and mastering and brings a unique new sound to the industry.
"I have the vision to create new sounds. A dream to create a new genre"

Contact ADIIOV Recording Studio LLC


Call: +1 978-972-1223
Mon-Sun (9am-12am EST)


Location: 31 Caldwell Road
Waltham MA, USA